News Welcome to Source My name is Rich I own Source News. It is the source of Area Control News. This is where all of the magic happens.  I have many websites I try to feed Source with all of my other sites. I also use many main stream news sources as you will notice in the videos and their associated logos. If you find a News source that you would like to watch or subscribe to on just click the [YouTube] text in the lower right corner that shows up while watching the video. That will take you to and can at that time subscribe to that users channel. What makes Area Control special is that I use many hard to find news sources. Most of which come from the main source of the news. I also use a lot of different users posting their opinions and news from YouTube and that some times can be misleading news. I try hard to make sure the sources are legit and truthful. I feel a misinformed society is a lost society. So I constantly strive for the truth! I also use lots of government and military sources. I find the horses mouth can some times be the best news source! I also have many domain names that I own pointing to Area Control News Source that I own and are associated with news or Area Control. So if you come in on a different domain name you will know why. You will find a site map below the website list.

I hope You enjoy Area Control News Source finding it informative and useful.

Rich News, world issues, governement news and more. Finally took all my news websites and rolled them up into one

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