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Promoting Sub Domain names

I create a lot of web sites, more of a hobby and to give true and correct information to the public, I don't make any money on my websites hence the hobby. I like to learn and studding different scripts and promotional solutions. But you will never see any ads on my websites. Some day I might change that but until then..

For example I have read many people claiming that sub domain names do not promote well? That's not true! I have made it on the first page for many search terms with many sub domain names!

ie: The website Seattle being the sub domain places in the first 2 sites on if you search the term seattle and its city that's with small letters. Try the term Seattle and It's City With the ' in the s and Caps in some words! to replicate this you need to go to { Bing Search] not sure what happens with this criteria on I allways have one or two listings on the first page.