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About My Sub domain names

Sub domain names should be one of the 2nd most important considerations of buying a domain name! Any company name could use just about any of the domain names I am selling buy creating sub domains! And could create domain names for all of their departments as well.

I own the domain name I also own was my first domain name over 20 years ago. As Area Control expanded and I needed a more realistic domain name rather than just like for my news site! It would look like or I would have to use a folder /news would be My first attempt to over come this was to buy! When the new extensions came out, but even either that I still had area control bunched together and I didn't like that! Just recently the domain name became available so I jumped on that!

Prefect Domain name for Area Control! Now if you go to You will see that is my main Area control site. I have also started to create a new news site at This will be a perfect news site for the area control network after all area control is a large network consisting of 100s of domain names and websites. I could have gone a step farther and made this site but I have chosen not to do that at this time. I can also sub domains with the as you will see below.

Here is a list of Sub domain names websites that I have created. I can't really sell a sub domain name unless I keep the domain names and lease out the sub domain names. I create a lot of web sites, more of a hobby and to give true and correct information to the public, I don't make any money on my websites hence the hobby. I like to learn and studding different scripts and promotional solutions. But you will never see any ads on my websites. Some day I might change that but until then..

For example I have read many people claiming that sub domain names do not promote well? That's not true! I have made it on the first page for many search terms with many sub domain names!

ie: The website Seattle being the sub domain places in the first 2 sites on if you search the term seattle and its city that's with small letters. Try the term Seattle and It's City With the ' in the s and Caps in some words! to replicate this you need to go to { Bing Search] not sure what happens with this criteria on I always have one or two listings on the first page.

Website list

Area Control sub domain names

The Area Control Sites are founded off of the domain name. There is the Area Control News site

  2. For health issues and solutions



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