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Greetings this is Rich Leonard. I have many domain name and Renegades Domain names is just one of the many. Besides Renegades domains I own h[ttps:// Matrix Domains] and Domains For Sale.

Matrix Domains is the site to find more information on domains names DNS and the likes. Its Domains Is where i post most domain names for sale. This site Renegades I post some the domain names I own and sell as well as my crazy domain name extravaganzas like the Its Domains that I own. I am hopping to get all of my domain names that I have for sale on this site soon. I will also be descussing Buying domain names and Selling domain names DNS, Domain name registration, Website promotion Domain name arbitration, Sub domain names Copyright and Trademark and much, much more! But all of my domain names for sale well over 100 should all be listed on Domains for sale soon.

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It's Domains and Matrix Domains I sell all my domain names if you would like to inquier about any of my names feel free to: Contact Me or go to It's Domains and use the forum

Renegades News

Is one of my Renegades domain names that I own kind of my pesonal site Renegades News Feel free to check it out but it has been neglected a bit 😥

Area control network

Area Control™ Network Is a large network using 100’s of domain names and websites for a knowledge base of tips, freeware, news, science, information and much, much more. Area Control also sells those domain names, you can view the whole list here at: Its Domains which I will be moving all of the domain names for sale on Matrix Domains to. Matrix Domains will still have domain name news on it.